CQC – Factual Accuracy Improvement Process




Feedback from providers and inspectors shows that our factual accuracy process needs to be improved. We want to improve the efficiency, clarity and effectiveness of the process, and we need your help to do this.

Providers and inspectors have told us that the factual accuracy process is frustrating because:


  • The guidance does not give providers the information they need to understand the purpose and scope of the factual accuracy process, so submissions made sometimes overlap with other processes such as complaints.
  • Providers can make more than one submission and submit large amounts of information, often not using the CQC Template provided. This is very time consuming for providers, and the information provided is not always relevant to the factual accuracy process.
  • This increases processing time for inspectors, results in inconsistent responses, and delays to report publication.


We want to improve the factual accuracy process to help providers make submissions that are appropriate, effective and concise. This will help improve the timeliness of report publication, saving providers and CQC time and resources and ensure a better service for the public.


We are at the beginning of making these improvements and want your views on what the key issues we need to address are, and what we could change to improve the process.

Please visit the online community for more information and to share your views: https://communities.cqc.org.uk/provider/document-for-review/help-us-improve-our-factual-accuracy-process


If relevant, please feel free to share this with colleagues in your organisation. They will need to be registered with the community to share feedback and can sign up here: https://communities.cqc.org.uk/provider/user/register.


The deadline for responses in Friday 31 August.


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