Expiry date of FluMist nasal vaccine

Expiry date of FluMist nasal vaccine

This year the FluMist® Quadrivalent vaccine is available as well as of Fluenz Tetra® vaccine, due to a shortage of Fluenz Tetra. However, practices need to be aware that the expiry date of the FluMist vaccine is 24 February 2016, and should not be used thereafter. The following information was included in the PHE vaccine update (no. 237):

 When does the FluMist nasal vaccine expire?

 To ensure timely supply, changes in the supply schedule were required. This has resulted in a mismatch between the actual expiry date and that printed on the packaging and labelling. The two batches of FluMist quadrivalent being supplied (FL2113 & FL2118) must not be used after the 24 February 2016. This does not affect the safety, quality or efficacy of the batches. In agreement with the MHRA, a pre-planned withdrawal of any unused stock of FluMist quadrivalent will begin on the 25 January 2016. This will help ensure that no time-expired vaccine remains in circulation. AstraZeneca’s logistics provider, Movianto, will contact you to arrange collection. Please quarantine any unused FluMist quadrivalent ahead of 24 February 2016. This should avoid accidental administration prior to collection.

 Batches of UK labelled Fluenz Tetra will not be subject to the withdrawal and may be used up to the expiry date stated on the carton and nasal applicator.



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