Cornwall Health went live at midnight on June 1 after an incredibly short period of time to mobilise the service. The switch-over went smoothly, and we are pleased to be up and running.

We now have over 200 clinicians who are either employed by Cornwall Health or are signing up to do clinical sessions in the service. Many of them attended the one-day workshops led by Dr Bruce Hughes and Dr Peter Holley on the Art of Telephone consultation. These were well received and now all clinicians working in the service are undertaking triage.

All those previously employed by Serco have moved over to Cornwall Health. They have new uniforms and titles, and have had to learn to work with a very different system. They have done incredibly well in taking on this challenge whilst keeping the service going.

We now have a new head of operations, Paul Toon, and a temporary head of ECP / Nursing, Mark Woolcock. However, our current medical director, Dr Mike Ellis, plans to retire soon and we will be interviewing for this post later this month.

A large number of Devon Doctors staff travelled down to Cornwall to assist with the transition – many thanks to all of them. As a result, we are working well together and trust is building between the two services. There is considerable support offered – patients in Saltash / Torpoint can now be seen in Derriford Hospital, and patients needing home visits in the border area are being seen by the most appropriate mobile clinician, from either county.

We have installed a considerable amount of new IT equipment into the 11 bases in Cornwall, and are working through the processes to make sure it is all fully operational. Whilst it is very frustrating that it is not yet fully implemented in all bases, the rapid mobilisation has also challenged our IT partners [British Telecom and NHS Cornwall IT services].

Cornwall Health has been welcomed by the health community in Cornwall. We have set up the Health Professional Line, so that MIU, ward, district nurse and paramedic staff can directly log calls with the service.

For more information please follow this link:

Heartbeat – Cornwall






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