Representing GPs

Representing core values

The LMC will represent and advise on all matters concerning GPs, whether:

  • as providers of services:
    * independent contractors
    * PMS doctors
    * non-principals
  • as commissioners of services:
    * including the work of GPs within NHS Kernow CCG
  • as professionals, including:
    * education and training undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training, continuing professional development
    * professionally-led regulation and professional standards ethical, conduct and performance, including clinical governance
    * workforce planning
    * liaison with consultant and hospital colleagues
    * collaboration with the General Medical Council
    * collaboration with national professional bodies British Medical Association, Royal College of General Practitioners
    * occupational health issues, eg sick doctors
    * liaison with other professions allied to medicine.

Representing core values

In representing the core values of the profession LMCs will strive to ensure the values of:

  • equity and fairness
  • openness
  • equal opportunities
  • representativeness

by working to ensure that all help and advice provided is representative of all GPs in the area, whether they are in contract with the health authority, working in personal medical services pilots or are non-principals who wish to be represented.

National representation

The LMC represents local GPs views nationally through representation on and to the General Practitioners Committee and by submitting proposals to the annual conference of LMCs.