Your Committee

Your LMC comprises the LMC office team plus:

The Executive Committee


LMC Chair Dr Will Hynds (Portscatho), Partner, Elected

LMC Vice Chair Dr Nick Rogers (Falmouth), Partner, Elected

LMC Treasurer Dr Phil Trevail (Carn to Coast), Partner, Elected



Emma Ridgewell-Howard

LMC Finance Officer / Administrator

Nicky Sherry

LMC Communications Lead

Richard Turner



GP Non-Principals’ Representatives:

Dr Sarah Gray, Elected

Dr Angus Macdonald, Elected

Dr Penny Tempest, Elected

Practice Manager Representative:

Alison Butterill (Helston)



The Committee comprises all Executive Committee members plus:


  • Dr Linda Barry (Truro), Salaried, Elected
  • Dr Jennifer Early (Tamar Valley Health), Partner, Elected
  • Dr Robert Gardner (Saltash), Salaried, Elected
  • Dr Sarah Gray, Locum, Elected
  • Dr Steve Gray (St Austell Health), Partner, Elected
  • Dr William Howe (Lostwithiel), Partner, Elected
  • Dr Stephen B Jefferies (Oak Tree,Liskeard), Partner, Elected
  • Dr Jonathan Katz (Penryn), Partner, Elected
  • Dr Sarah Keast (St Columb Major), Salaried, Elected
  • Dr Matt Leigh (Lander),Partner, Elected
  • Dr Angus MacDonald, Locum, Elected
  • Dr Pete Merrin (Perranporth), Partner, Elected
  • Dr Victoria Olobia, Locum, Co-Opted
  • Dr Hugh Savage (St Ives), Salaried, Elected
  • Dr Francesco Scaglioni, Locum, Elected
  • Dr Stephen Seale (Newquay), Elected
  • Dr Penny Tempest, Locum, Elected
  • Dr Chris Tiley(Lander), Partner, Elected
  • Dr David Tinkler (Marazion), Partner, Elected


The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LMC is a committee of local elected GPs each serving a fixed term of office before facing re-election, supported and managed by a permanent Secretariat based in the LMC office in Victoria.

The Committee is made up of GPs from three constituencies, North East, Central and West Cornwall, who are elected every three years by an electoral college consisting of the GPs of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The three constituencies have historically shared the same geographical boundaries as the three Primary Care Trusts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which were created in April 2002 when the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health Authority merged with the two Devon Health Authorities to form a new Peninsula Strategic Health Authority (the PCTs have since been merged into a single PCT for the area). In April 2005 a fourth constituency was added for GP Non-Principals, and the first election to the new constituency took place in January 2006. Until that time, four GP Non-Principal representatives were co-opted onto the Committee.

The LMC Committee is headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, who are required to face annual re-election by an electoral college consisting of the members of the LMC. The Chairman normally serves for a period of three years. The LMC appoints annually a Cabinet of up to eight Committee members.

The Secretariat is headed by the LMC Chief Executive Officer, who, in a permanent role similar to that of a Company Secretary in a commercial organisation, is responsible in law for ensuring the actions of the LMC conform to current legislation, fall within the scope of the Constitution and are focused on, preserve and develop the best interests of General Practice.

The LMC Chief Executive Officer is also responsible for all financial matters for the LMC including the management of all budgets and control of the Levy, ensuring transparency and accountability are maintained to high professional standards. The role also includes an administrative function in support of the Committee and the dissemination of knowledge and guidance across the GP community in the area, ensuring that new information is available to that community and responding to requests from them for guidance in specific areas.

Representing the LMC to other bodies, both locally and nationally, falls within the scope of the role, as does the organisation and facilitation of conferences, meetings and other functions.

A small and invaluable administrative team in the office helps to ensure these services are delivered in a timely and professional manner.